Aareon’s Business Strategy

Corporate mission

Aareon AG focuses its activities on the property industry and related sectors.

We set the standards for managing complex business processes in the property industry – today and in the future.

Aareon provides first-class and forward-looking solutions comprising consultancy, software and services to its customers and manages their outsourced business processes.

We want to create tangible added value for our customers and shareholders and be the preferred employer to our staff.

In so doing, we will enhance our market position as a leading consultancy and systems house in the European property industry.

Aareon's strategy rests on four cornerstones:

1. A clear focus on markets and customers:
Ensuring customer benefit and customer satisfaction are Aareon's top priority. The company's goal is to be a reliable partner for its customers, helping them to achieve their corporate goals. Aareon measures customer satisfaction by means of an annual, anonymous survey, which helps it to improve its performance in a structured way. The customer satisfaction figures recorded by the 2011 survey remained at the previous years' high level.

2. Customer-focused solutions:
Dialogue with customers plays a key role in ensuring that Aareon's solutions offer added value. We therefore examine customer needs in committees such as our customer advisory boards as well as in regular dialogue with our customers. The company monitors the trends that influence the property and IT sectors and integrates them into the ongoing development of its portfolio of products and services. In so doing, Aareon focuses on quality and innovation and assists property companies in their efforts to master their challenges.
Partnerships and collaborations help Aareon to combine its various core competencies for the benefit of the customer.

3. Motivated and achievement-oriented employees:
A company's workforce plays a key role in its success. Aareon sets great store by the hard work and enthusiasm of its workforce, its professsionalism and motivation and, especially, its commitment to customer service. In view of this, it is of strategic importance to Aareon to have a corporate culture that encourages these qualities and, together with a peformance-based remuneration system, positively influences employee motivation and satisfaction. The capacity for open dialogue, fairness and the balancing of work and family are critical aspects of Aareon's corporate culture. Aareon employees combine in-depth expertise in the property market with excellent IT skills and constantly enhance their training.

4. Customer-focused internal processes:
Aareon's products and services are customer-focused, as are its internal processes. They comply with quality management standards and are subject to continual improvement. As a project-oriented company, Aareon's work is based on setting goals and achieving results, as well as on ensuring transparency in carrying out its tasks.