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Aareon Smart World: person under starry sky

Aareon Smart World

Aareon Smart World

The open digital ecosystem Aareon Smart World connects all stakeholders of a property company: employees, customers, business partners, and technical equipment in apartments and buildings.

In addition, software solutions and services from third-party providers can be quickly and easily connected to Aareon's ERP systems via the Aareon Connect partner program.

Aareon Smart World thus maps the entire value chain of the property industry in a single ecosystem - with the advantage that companies can manage their complex relationship structures more easily and efficiently. In maintenance, for example, customer relationship management dovetails smoothly with the processes for integrating the supply chain. The property companies benefit from more process efficiency, transparency and relief for the employees, whose capacities can be used for more customer service. The smart connection of buildings and building technology to the digital ecosystem and intelligent data evaluations enable properties to be managed more effectively and energy-efficiently, for example through predictive maintenance. In this way, Aareon makes life easier for all process participants and supports the economic success of property companies. 

The solution: Aareon Smart World

Aareon Smart World, the digital ecosystem for the property industry
Aareon Smart World · The digital ecosystem for the property industry

End-to-end processes in the property industry value chain

Aareon's industry expertise and close cooperation with clients ensure that the Aareon Smart World digital ecosystem individually covers the requirements of each stakeholder. The end-to-end processes are organised in a product families, in which CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions focus on residents, SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) solutions on partners, BRM (Building Relationship Management) solutions on buildings, and WRM (Workforce Relationship Management) solutions on employees.

CRM solutions from Aareon - communication with tenants and customers

A holistic digital customer relationship management accompanies prospective tenants and tenants from the search for a flat and the move-in throughout the entire contract period until the change of flat. At the same time, it makes the workflows of the property company's customer service significantly more efficient. With the help of Aareon's CRM solutions, property companies can turn every point of the tenant life cycle into an end-to-end digital service experience for their customers: from prospect management, through contract conclusion and flat handover - to tenant communication with round-the-clock self-service offerings, damage management, as well as the provision of additional services and the promotion of neighbourhood relations. The various applications, such as the online portal, tenant app, AI-based virtual assistant Neela and call centre operations, are seamlessly integrated.

SRM solutions from Aareon - integrating suppliers and service providers

The economic success of a property company also depends on smooth cooperation with craftsmen, utilities and other service providers. These can be complex relationships where cooperation is a challenge. Holistic partner management is therefore extremely important. Using Aareon's SRM solutions, each order can be processed automatically by digitally triggering it and forwarding it to the supplier or service provider, as well as organising the required materials. To ensure a high level of service, all criteria of the order, including progress and quality, are monitored. After order completion, all invoices are automatically created, reconciled and paid. In addition to saving time and money, this increases productivity. The integrated use of data from CRM and ERP solutions also enables real estate companies to initiate orders for partner companies directly from the digital customer contact. The status of repair orders, for example, can then be reported back to the owners via the online portal. Communication, management and maintenance thus go hand in hand on a digital basis.

BRM solutions from Aareon - capturing, evaluating and using information about properties

Flats, buildings and entire cities are becoming increasingly intelligent thanks to state-of-the-art information and sensor technology. The smart connection of buildings and technical devices to the digital ecosystem of the property company therefore offers further potential for value creation. Aareon provides BRM solutions for maintenance management. One focus is the efficient recording and assessment of the structural condition of existing buildings, as well as the automated determination of measures and costs - also in order to make the building more energy-efficient, for example. Both are prerequisites for comprehensive strategic maintenance planning. With a new solution for vacancy refurbishment, housing companies and administrators are able, among other things, to record vacant flats in a standardised and mobile way and to carry out IT-supported action planning. Furthermore, with a view to cost-intensive maintenance, the topic of predictive maintenance is becoming increasingly important. If, for example, lifts, heating systems or water pipes are equipped and monitored with sensors and intelligent technology, repairs can be planned at an early stage and sudden failures or damage can be avoided. The solution for predictive maintenance makes it possible to inform staff and residents at an early stage and to commission tradesmen in advance. Optimised building management in this way enables real estate companies to manage their properties more economically and in a more energy-efficient manner.

WRM solutions from Aareon - more process efficiency and simplification of day-to-day work

The WRM solutions support the employees of property companies in planning, initiating, processing and completing tasks and processes in cooperation with all parties involved. For example, in the case of a damage report, suppliers, craftsmen or other service providers are notified of the order receipt as soon as it is triggered by the tenant, the field service employee or the IoT sensor in the building. Through the repair process initiated in the CRM area, the supplier is simultaneously on the same level of knowledge as the customer. The required materials are ordered automatically. If approvals or certifications are required, these are created digitally by the supplier and immediately forwarded to the tenant and the landlord. Aareon's WRM solutions digitise tasks, avoid errors and accelerate the completion of measures through process automation. This is digital transformation in action, which brings great benefits to all parties involved. WRM provides a platform through which jobs can be received on the smart device in a form that makes it easy for the user to navigate through the process so that they can complete the task fully, accurately and according to instructions. Once the task is completed, the WRM solution enables direct issuance of certificates at any location, as well as triggering follow-on processes and workflows to approve the work, if required. WRM is the universal way to manage tasks and assignments as it is embedded in the tools used by stakeholders, such as BRM solutions. Users thus benefit from a unified view and high usability.

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