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Aareon Smart World

Managing relationships and processes

Your business processes are made up of four major elements: customers, business partners, buildings and your own employees. With the right instruments and digital support, it is possible to organize all these processes at once and optimize their efficiency.

Convenient: digital customer relationship management

Modern customer relationship management (CRM) accompanies the customers of a property company all the way from searching for a place to live and moving in through to service enquiries and changes of residence. Tenants are above all interested in a comfortable living environment and a simple way of dealing with all relevant issues, no matter when or where.

With the help of Aareon Smart World’s digital solutions, property companies can transform their customer relationships into an end-to-end service experience: From the online tenant portal and the tenant app all the way to call centre operation, various applications function seamlessly together.

Aareon’s CRM solutions enable property companies to offer self-services to their customers, so that they can access documents such as rental agreements, applications to keep pets and service charge statements, view contract data and print out tenant certificates for the registration authorities. Furthermore, tenants are able to submit damage reports, check the status of tickets and find out to what extent their issue has already been processed.

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Efficient: collaboration with service partners

The business success of a company also depends on trouble-free collaboration with tradespeople, utilities and other service providers. A holistic approach to partner management is therefore extremely important.

With the help of the digital solutions from the Aareon Smart World portfolio, employees tasked with commissioning tradespeople can, for example, coordinate their work efficiently and provide them, via mobile devices, with all the information they need to do their jobs. That avoids unnecessary trips, missed appointments and annoying paperwork. Service-partner orders, documents and invoices can be organised online – in a quick, transparent and paperless manner.

Moreover, thanks to the integrated use of data from CRM and ERP solutions, property companies are able to generate orders for partner companies on the basis of their digital contact with the customer. The status of repair orders, for example, can then be reported back to the owners via the portal. Communication, management and maintenance thus go hand in hand on a digital basis.

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Forward-looking: smart building management

Apartments, buildings, even whole cities will become smarter thanks to cutting-edge information and sensor technology. The smart integration of buildings or technical equipment with Aareon Smart World therefore offers further potential for added value.

Aareon Smart World solutions enable property companies to record and analyse all their property-related data in a uniform manner and to exploit it in order to optimise their processes. That data can help them to manage their portfolios more easily and to plan for the future.

A further advantage of digital applications is that employees on site at a property can access all the data they require via a tablet or smartphone and therefore have precise information about the property’s equipment, features, condition and maintenance cycles. In addition, they can update the inventory data in real time. This also makes it easier to maintain the safety of properties.

With regard to the cost-intensive upkeep of buildings, the topic of predictive maintenance is becoming increasingly important. If lifts or water pipes, for instance, are equipped and monitored with sensors and intelligent technology, it is possible to plan repairs in good time and avoid sudden breakdowns or damage. Thanks to predictive maintenance, employees and residents can be informed early on and tradespeople can be hired well in advance. This kind of optimized building management enables property companies to manage their portfolio more efficiently.

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Motivating: simplified business processes

Aareon Smart World’s integrated applications provide property companies with greater process efficiency and simplify their daily work. For example, mobile solutions make it easier for field staff to handle commissioning, safety checks, apartment handovers, inventory data maintenance and the processing of customer transactions.

Digital document management helps to reduce complexity by providing access to contracts and related archives from mobile devices any time and anywhere. Digital files save time and effort, as all the information relating to a transaction is always available and up to date. In addition, reports can be made available quickly to corporate decision-makers and external stakeholders. IT-based management systems make it possible to manage risks and insurance matters on the basis of sound data.

In all this, it is important to bear in mind that previous work processes are not simply digitalised one-to-one, but must be newly conceived and designed. If a company introduces a tenant portal, for example, it must make sure that it is able to respond quickly when tenants contact the company via the portal. It is therefore essential to manage the associated change process within the company and to support the employees on this path.

Business processes should always be designed in such a way that people take centre stage and can benefit from digital technology. As a result, the property company can offer its customers more services, redesign its processes, reduce costs, tap new business potential and lay the foundation for future business success.

Combination is key

Aareon Smart World solutions have the greatest effect when they are used in combination. The lack of barriers between individual solutions ensures that the digitally supported processes interlock seamlessly, providing for optimised cooperation and good relations between ordering parties, customers and service partners.

So that the requirements of your company are fully met, you can pick and choose from the services we offer to put together a customised solution portfolio.

The elements of Aareon Smart World cover all your internal and external processes:

Aareon Smart World, the digital ecosystem for the property industry
Aareon Smart World · The digital ecosystem for the property industry

Services to develop customer relationships:

Services to develop business partner relationships:

Services to optimise building-related processes:

Services to optimise your internal work processes:

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