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Aareon Smart World

Aareon Smart World

For one thing, digitalisation gives people completely new ways of interacting with each other; for another, it provides access to an enormous source of information. These two factors produce new potential for added value in the property industry.

Digital networking and value creation in the property industry

The rapid digital transformation in today’s society and economy is causing all areas of life to become ever more closely interlinked. Innovative technologies and trends are influencing our everyday lives, working environments, the way we communicate – and also how we will live in the future. New business models and ways of life are emerging. The range of smart products and services on the market is constantly growing. Buildings and entire cities are connected via the Internet of Things.

Digitalisation thus holds great potential for added value in the property industry – from process optimisation and the provision of additional services to the establishment of new business segments. This can be achieved by digitally networking all stakeholders of the property company. With portals and apps having become increasingly established in recent years, the focus is now shifting more and more to intelligently connecting buildings and building technology through the use of sensors. Given that maintenance is a significant cost factor, this allows companies to manage their portfolios more efficiently, for example by carrying out predictive maintenance on lifts.

To benefit fully from these digital opportunities, property companies are advised to develop a digital roadmap – based on their corporate strategy – as soon as possible and to invest in the future. An experienced and visionary IT service provider such as Aareon, which offers comprehensive consulting and support in addition to an innovative solution portfolio, can provide valuable assistance here.

Added value: the Aareon Smart World digital ecosystem

As a pioneer of digitalisation in the industry, Aareon has for many years set the benchmark for digital networking in the property industry with its Aareon Smart World portfolio. At the core of this portfolio are the ERP systems, which work together optimally and can be individually linked up to other digital solutions as required.

As an integrated digital ecosystem, Aareon Smart World intelligently connects property companies and their employees with customers, business partners and technical equipment in apartments and buildings. In this way, the complex system of relationships can be managed more easily and efficiently, with support provided at every point in the customer relationship cycle and across the various business processes. Customer relationship management dovetails seamlessly with processes for integrating the supplier chain, for example when it comes to maintenance. The property company benefits from greater process efficiency, transparency and a reduced workload for its employees, whose capacities can then be used to provide better customer service. By intelligently connecting buildings and building technology to this digital ecosystem and evaluating the data obtained, it is possible to manage properties more effectively, for example through predictive maintenance.

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The solution: Aareon Smart World

Infographic Aareon Smart World Relations
Aareon Smart World · a digital, networked ecosystem.

New technologies open up new possibilities

Aareon is investing heavily to further develop Aareon Smart World with a view to the future.

New technologies such as artificial intelligence and virtual support help to create a high degree of automation, more comfort and thus further added value for property companies. Examples include a solution that uses drones to inspect the safety of properties or the virtual assistant “Neela” developed by Aareon to improve both process efficiency and service in the area of tenant communication. The international transfer of knowledge within the Aareon Group, user-centric development methods and collaboration with PropTech companies support the continued development and expansion of the Aareon Smart World portfolio. Aareon’s own venture company develops ideas for new services and business models together with the start-up community.

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Simplified integration of additional solutions: Aareon Smart Platform

In a pioneering move to give Aareon Smart World a future-oriented, open architecture, Aareon has created Aareon Smart Platform – an open, integrated platform for customers and partners of the property industry that can be used to develop proprietary solutions or to easily integrate third-party solutions into Aareon Smart World.

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