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Aareon Smart World

ERP systems

Property companies have a variety of daily tasks, from construction, financing, management (incl. maintenance and modernisation), administration and marketing of their own real estate through to the management of third-party property, tenant support, HR management and controlling, to name but a few.

ERP system as a success factor for digital networking

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are material to the successful coordination of these very complex business processes. Used in conjunction with digital solutions, they form the core of the company’s digital ecosystem and act as the hub of all business processes, thus laying the foundation for a digital transformation.

Aareon offers customers the opportunity to use their ERP system as the basis for building their own digital ecosystem in line with their individual corporate strategy while benefiting from a uniform database. This enables property companies to manage the complex system of relationships with customers, business partners and other stakeholders more easily and efficiently, with support provided at every point in the customer relationship cycle and across the various business processes, for instance. Customer relationship management dovetails seamlessly with processes for integrating the supplier chain, for example when it comes to maintenance. All relevant data is always available where it is needed, including via mobile access.

The property company benefits from greater process efficiency and transparency, as well as from a reduced workload for its employees, whose capacities can then be used to provide better customer service.

User-oriented development and international synergies

ERP systems have grown into a core business segment for Aareon, with a customer base that now extends to more than 4,000 companies across Europe. Today, more than 11 million residential units are managed using Aareon’s country-specific ERP solutions.

These solutions are continuously optimised in partnership with customers, ensuring that practical requirements are taken into account in their further development. Changes to legal and regulatory requirements, for example, can be integrated into the ERP systems if necessary. A key attribute of Aareon is its ability to involve the customer in the development of sustainable functions from an early stage, so that the applications that evolve from these joint endeavours are available in the market when required.

Moreover, the international transfer of knowledge across the Aareon Group creates valuable synergies and a collective vision of the ERP system of the future. Trends can thus be identified and integrated quickly so that suitable products can be brought onto the market in a short space of time.

Investment in the future: the next generation of ERP products

As a pioneer of digitalisation in the industry, Aareon invests not only in existing product generations in the form of regular releases, but also to a significant extent in future technologies. In all countries where Aareon has a presence, future generations of ERP products will not only be mobile, integrative and user-oriented, they will also be equipped with state-of-the-art technologies such as artificial intelligence, business intelligence, big data, robotics and the like.

But Aareon’s sustainable ERP systems do not merely take the operative side into account; a range of elaborate management functions provide users with an overview of operative processes. This means the systems are adaptive, can evolve in line with customer requirements and will therefore never become obsolete. The smart systems think for themselves: Over time, they learn what needs to be done and, thanks to automation, are able to take over routine tasks independently. Powerful analysis tools and virtual assistants can help in this process.

In the digital age, ERP systems support business operations with in-depth analyses and forecasts in the sense of big data, which can also include data from other sources (market data). This is the basis for the medium- to long-term planning horizon that is so crucial for the property industry.

Seamless processes and data security in the cloud

Aareon’s ERP systems are available both as in-house solutions and from the cloud, with cloud services representing a clear trend for the future. Seamless processes and maximum data security are a basic requirement in this context.

Aareon has extensive experience in managing and monitoring the systems and is an expert in data security due to its experience with the Aareon Cloud and two certified German data centres.

Aareon’s customers profit from cloud solutions not only through the transfer of all maintenance and service tasks, but also in the form of automatic updates and the option of adding applications and functionality on demand.

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