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Aareon milestones

Aareon has continued to develop ever since the data centre was first founded in 1957. Today, for good reason, it has become the leading provider of SaaS solutions for the European property industry.

1957 – 2015

  • 1957
    The data processing centre of Deutsche Bau- und Bodenbank AG begins to develop into an IT service group.

  • 1958
    Establishment of the business segment "Services for the housing industry" with the precursor of the ERP system GES

  • 1967
    The data center already covers around one million apartments with housing programs.

  • 1972
    A new data center is being put into operation, for more than 700 housing companies with more than 1.7 million accounts, essential parts of the accounting system are fully automated.

  • 1980
    The universal dialog terminal system based on microcomputer (RC 850) has premiere.

  • 1991
    BauSecura Versicherungsmakler GmbH is a joint venture with the insurance service provider Funk Gruppe

  • 1992
    Takeover of the inhouse solution WohnData

  • 1996
    Spin-off of IT services into an independent subsidiary; BauBoden Systemhaus GmbH

  • 1999
    Creation of a group with holding company structure; name changed to DePfa IT Services AG; international expansion

  • 2001
    Market launch of the Mareon service portal

  • 2002
    Development and sales cooperation with SAP AG; company renamed in Aareon AG

  • 2004
    Market launch of the Blue Eagle ERP solution based on SAP®

  • 2006
    Agreement of a strategic partnership with energy services provider Techem; introduction of an ERP multi-product strategy

  • 2007
    Company´s 50th anniversary

  • 2008
    Market launch of the Aareon DMS document management system; reinforcement of market position in France via acquisition of

  • 2009
    Marketing launch of Wodis Sigma; merger of and Aareon France to form the new Aareon France; new Aareon head office opens in Mainz

  • 2010
    20th Aareon Congress; acquisition of all shares in the Dutch company SG|automatisering B.V.

  • 2011
    Market launch of Wodis Sigma 3.0 as part of the exclusive Aareon Cloud service; new Aareon IT Service Centre comes online

  • 2012
    Aareon recognised as Germany's most family-friendly business in the "Medium-sized Companies" category; acquisition of all shares in 1st Touch Ltd.; market-leading provider of mobile software solutions to the social housing sector in the UK

  • 2013
    Market launch of Aareon CRM; acquisition of all shares in the Swedish company Incit AB, a leading provider of ERP software to the property industry in Scandinavia

  • 2014
    Aareon Wodis GmbH absorbed into Aareon Deutschland GmbH; Dutch SG|automatisering B.V. renamed in Aareon Nederland B.V.

  • 2015
    Market launch of Aareon Smart World; acquisition of all shares in Dutch company Square DMS B.V. and German company phi-Consulting GmbH
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