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Aareon Annual Report 2022: Four people in front of pink background


Annual Report 2022

The new Aareon management increased sales revenues to € 308 million and Adjusted EBITDA to € 75 million during the past financial year. M&A activities were successfully continued.

Future is a Team

Trustful collaboration between our employees, customers and partners enables us to actively shape the future of the property sector.

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Annual Report archive

Get a full picture of Aareon and its business growth by browsing through the company’s previous annual reports.

Aareon Annual Report 2020 – Pioneering Tomorrow

By thinking and acting in a progressive, sustainable and collaborative manner, we are working today to shape the success of tomorrow – for our customers, partners and the entire property industry. This is the pioneering, future-focused conviction that Aareon holds as a technology and industry leader. By systematically fostering transformation and growth, we make it possible to develop innovative, people-centred solutions. In the process, we pave the way for responsible living and work spaces – for the benefit of all.

→ Aareon Annual Report 2021 - online version

Aareon Annual Report 2020 – Pioneering Work

Pioneering work - that’s what we at Aareon aspire to as a technology and industry leader. And we create the best conditions for that: in a close and constructive dialogue with our customers and partners, we develop innovative, user-centric products – with modern working environments providing the basis for creativity and inspiration. In the midst of all this progress, one thing above all else never changes: people are the focus of our software solutions and, indeed, of everything we do.

→ Aareon Annual Report 2020 - online version

Aareon Annual Report 2019 – Pioneering Spirit

Aareon aspires to blaze new trails as a technology and industry leader. This aspiration hinges on the pioneering spirit of our employees, which is the driving force behind every one of our innovations. Motivated by boundless curiosity, we develop solutions working hand in hand with our customers and partners – solutions that set benchmarks and connect key market players.

→ Aareon Annual Report 2019 - online version

Aareon Annual Report 2018 – Next Level Values

The pace is rapid. Those who want to set standards in the digital transformation have to create added value – at all levels. Next level values are created through innovative strength and quality awareness, through networking and collaboration, through trend research and customer focus – and last but not least, through the willingness to keep optimising a company’s own products and processes. Our Aareon Smart World shows how it’s done.

→ Aareon Annual Report 2018 - online version

Aareon Annual Report 2017 – Next Level Evolution

Our world is changing. We are in the middle of a rapid digital transformation. This next level evolution harbours enormous potential and is changing our working world. It is enabling relevant stakeholders and industries to be linked up, and giving rise to profitable partnerships. New, creative ideas are evolving into user-oriented innovations that add value and enhance our Aareon Smart World.

→ Aareon Annual Report 2017 - online version

Aareon Annual Report – Next Level Networking

Making connections. Facilitating exchange. Rethinking together. If processes are to be rendered efficient and innovative solutions provided, all participants have to be networked at a higher level. Aareon Smart World implements this next level networking. It enables property companies to link up with their customers, employees and business partners and technical devices to be interconnected, both in individual apartments and entire buildings. This results in a digital ecosystem that creates added value and makes our lives much smarter.

→ Aareon Annual Report 2016 - online version

Further annual reports for download


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