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Embrace Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The challenge in the future is complex and innovative cycles are getting faster. We need diverse teams to tackle the challenge to create on sustainable lives for generations to come! We strongly believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) is paramount to our long term business success.

What is DE&I?

DE&I is a strength finding different perspectives and promoting new ideas. It increases our innovation potential and customer success.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging for all means we are a workplace where all people are valued for their unique perspectives, respected as equal and integral, and given fair access to opportunities.

We ensure that everyone has the resources, support and opportunities they need to thrive and succeed, regardless of their identity.

All individuals should be able to fully belong to participate and contribute to their communities and society.

Why is DE&I so important for all of us?

Beyond the all-important moral considerations, driving diversity, equity, inclusion has a lot of main benefits for Saas-Companies. We support our clients in creating sustainable living and working environments for generations to come where they feel safe, comfortable, in harmony with nature and their community.

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What chances brings DE&I?

We need a diverse and inclusive basis for new ideas, approaches and solutions and thus a more successful and resilient company. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is a strategic business driver for a sustainable society and must be embedded in the entire coporate strategy. 

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Icon for Diversity: two figures with a heart above them

Diversity refers to who is represented in the workforce and being inclusive of different social and ethnic backgrounds, genders, sexual orientations, etc.

Icon for Equity: scale

Equity refers to fair treatment for all people, so that the norms, practices, and policies in place ensure identity is not predictive of opportunities or workplace outcomes.

Icon for Inclusion: two hands clasp a heart

Inclusion refers to how the workforce experiences the workplace and the degree to which organizations embrace all employees and enable them to make meaningful contributions.

Icon for Belonging: group of people

Belonging in the workplace is an employee's sense that their uniqueness is accepted and even treasured by their organization and colleagues.

Our Vision

We want to bring DE&I to life and create a culture where every personality counts. With this drive we increase identification and motivation for a more resilient organization. With innovation we support creating sustainable living and working worlds successfully for generations to come.

Our Mission

People are in the heart of our Mission. We create a diverse, equitable and inclusive corporate culture and disrupt bias and norms.

Our Purpose

We support our clients in creating sustainable living and working environments for generations to come where they feel safe, comfortable, in harmony with nature and their community.

We want to

Our Commitment

By embracing diversity, equity and inclusion, we create a more innovative, successful and resilient organization.

Graphic showing the dimensions of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Aareon: Sexual Orientation & Identity; Gender Equality, Women in Leadership & Tech; Physical & Mental challenged; Generations & Talents; Work Life Integration, Parentship & Care; Cultural Diversity
Our Diversity & Inclusion approach takes into account six diversity dimensions.

ESG – Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is a key driver in the social dimension of ESG

DE&I is an enabler for all other social topics, as only people who feel that they belong to the company will keep on learning and develop a feeling of healthiness and wellbeing. DE&I drives social topics and also creates links to governance, as only management teams that include all perspectives will be able to create sustainable value. Creating an environment where all people belong is our mission at Aareon.


At the heart of successful DE&I initiatives lies the power of collaboration. By forging partnerships with like-minded individuals, organizations and communities, we can leverage collective knowledge, resources, and experiences to drive meaningful change.
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