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The consequences of climate change are obvious. As one of the largest emitters of greenhouse gases, the building sector in particular has the opportunity to make a decisive contribution in terms of sustainability. An important key to this is digitalisation.

This is why Aareon is actively committed to the energy transformation of the buildings sector: with smart software and consistent reduction of its own CO₂ emissions.

Smart solutions for a better carbon footprint

With our software products, we support the real estate industry in managing their portfolio in an environmentally conscious way and thus reducing their CO₂ footprint. With our AiBATROS® software, for example, the current energy status of the buildings can first be determined and then it can be calculated with which investments which emission reductions can be achieved. Saving paper through digital archiving or the use of our mobile software solutions in the field also makes an important contribution to climate protection.

Smart solutions for a better carbon footprint

Our clients can additionally improve their environmental footprint by hosting their digital solutions in the Aareon data centre. It´s true that data centres are among the largest energy consumers in Germany today. However, at the Aareon data centre in Mainz, several measures result in high energy efficiency with a Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.25. The closer the PUE value is to 1, the better. According to a global study by the Uptime Institute from 2021, the average PUE value of the examined data centres was 1.57. By designing the data centre with cold aisles, we significantly reduce the energy consumption for cooling. The performance of the air conditioning is optimally matched to the amount of IT hardware to be cooled. In addition, the hardware to be cooled is optimally utilised through virtualisation, which has another energy-saving effect.

But it is not only the products, but also Aareon's services that contribute to climate protection. Our "Green Consulting" service reduces the environmental impact of property companies by advising them remotely, rather than on site. In 2021, Aareon Group conducted 31,000 Green Consulting Days. If we do visit our clients on site, we group-wide offset the CO2 emissions of the business trips via atmosfair. In 2022, we financed environmental protection projects worth € 39,000 worldwide in this way.

Aareon an environmentally friendly company

We not only want to support our customers work in a more environmentally conscious way, we also want to make our own contribution as a company. For example, we use the waste heat from our data centre in Mainz to heat the building in winter and to fill the geothermal storage tank in summer. We only use green electricity as an energy source at our headquarters in Mainz.

We are gradually converting the company vehicle fleet to purely electric vehicles. The company vehicles of Aareon employees must meet strict environmental criteria in terms of weight (max. 2 t) and CO2 emissions (min. energy label B). At our location in Mainz, employees also have access to 5 electric charging stations with a total of 9 charging points. Those in Germany and the UK who prefer to cycle to work instead of driving have the option of using an Aareon JobRad. In Germany, around 12 % of employees are already taking advantage of this offer.

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