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Aareon Smart World

Managing relationships with customers, suppliers, properties

Your business processes are made up of three major elements: customer relationships, supplier relationships and property relationships. With the right instruments and digital support, it is possible to organize all these processes at once and optimize their efficiency.

Inspiring: an end-to-end service experience

The most important relationship structure in the housing industry is that between landlord and tenant. If you want to win and retain customers, you need to show consideration for this relationship more than ever and offer tangibly sustainable services.

Modern customer relationship management accompanies tenants in all phases from searching for a place to live and moving in through to service enquiries and changes of residence. Tenants usually not only want to enjoy a carefree living situation, but also expect ease of handling in all necessities related to their rental properties – whether it is billing of service charges or applications to keep pets on the premises.

With the digital solutions offered by Aareon Smart World, housing companies can digitalise their customer relationships and become more service-oriented. From the online tenants portal to the smartphone app and call centre operations , all the different solutions interlock seamlessly. Together they contribute to offering the customer a positive experience throughout.

Moreover, Aareon Smart World’s networked applications provide housing companies with greater process efficiency and thus reduce the workload of their employees. Tenant feedback and the evaluation of digital data additionally give them the opportunity to focus more closely on customer needs and continuously improve their customer relationship management.

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Efficient collaboration with service partners

No less relevant is the relationship between landlords or managers and their business partners. After all, the business success of a property company is directly dependent on trouble-free collaboration with tradespeople, utilities and other service providers.

Just like with customer relationships, companies should therefore take a holistic approach to partner management. To do so, they also have to create interfaces to tenants, owners and employees of the property company – since those are the people who are directly affected by the execution of work orders. The improved and digitally supported service process we offer therefore benefits all parties equally and thus increases both satisfaction and efficiency.

With the help of the digital solutions from the Aareon Smart World portfolio, housing companies are able to coordinate the work of tradespeople efficiently and provide them, via mobile devices, with all the information they need to do their jobs. That avoids unnecessary trips, postponed appointments and annoying paperwork. Thanks to online portals and digital invoicing services, service-partner orders and invoices can be organised in a quick, transparent and paperless manner.

In this context, housing companies benefit above all from standardised processes: Invoices, for example, no longer arrive at the company on paper, but rather digitally in a standard format. The readable data can be taken over automatically by other Aareon Smart World systems and be further processed there. The lack of barriers between individual applications thus provides for greater transparency of all relevant data.

Forward-looking: smart building management

In addition, there is another relationship in the property industry that needs to be organised and controlled methodically, and that is the relationship with the building or the estates. The diverse property portfolio of real estate investments produces a wealth of data and information – and these data flows will increase greatly in the coming years due to intelligent building and energy technology. However, the information produced also provides interesting insights and improved planning and control capabilities.

Aareon Smart World solutions enable property companies to record and analyse all their building-related data and use it for their work. This gives them a better overview of the overall situation and helps management make strategic decisions for the future.

And employees benefit from the digital applications as well – both for their work on location and in the office. Employees on site at a property can access all the relevant information via a tablet or smartphone and thus familiarise themselves quickly with the current situation there: What property has what equipment and features? In what condition is the property? When is the next maintenance work due? If they are approached by a tenant or owner, they can provide information immediately. If repairs are necessary or a new piece of equipment has been installed in an apartment, they are able to update the inventory data on their mobile device and make the information available to their colleagues at the office in real time.

And when it comes to ensuring the safety of balconies, roofs or playgrounds, for instance, this simple principle applies: The more landlords or managers know about the condition of machines and equipment, the better are they able to place maintenance and repair orders. Commissioned tradespeople welcome the concrete information accompanying their orders while tenants or owners benefit from the well-kept condition of the properties.

The property industry can also look forward to interesting perspectives in the future, for example thanks to predictive maintenance: Equipped with sensors and intelligent technology, future lifts, heating systems or corridor lighting systems will automatically notify landlords that a component needs to be replaced soon. As a result, there is no need for regular maintenance cycles and landlords only have to act when they are notified by a system. Optimising building management in such a way enables the portfolio to be managed more economically – after all, upkeep is a major expenditure item in the property industry.

Combination is key

Aareon Smart World solutions have the greatest effect when they are used in combination. The lack of barriers between individual solutions ensures that the digitally supported processes interlock seamlessly, providing for optimised cooperation and good relations between ordering parties, customers and service partners.

So that the requirements of your company are fully met, you can pick and choose from the services we offer to put together a customised solution portfolio.

The elements of Aareon Smart World cover all your internal and external processes:

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Aareon Smart World is a digital, networked ecosystem.

Services to develop customer relationships:

Services to develop supplier relationships:

Services to develop building relationships:

Services to optimise your internal work processes:

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