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Design thinking

The Aareon DesignLab gives companies the opportunity to outsource the entire innovation process or to get support from our experts as they tackle innovation themselves. In both cases, the work in the lab is based on the design thinking method, with the innovations always focusing on the user.

Faster pace

Companies are under enormous pressure to innovate. The economy is becoming increasingly digital and new competitors from the start-up scene have long since begun to challenge established companies with their lean, innovative and often cheaply manufactured products and services, thus forcing them to adapt their dynamics and agility to the new rules of the game.

It is becoming harder and harder to address these challenges with conventional consulting and advice. Today, the success of a company usually depends on whether it is able to identify new trends in time, develop new business models to accommodate these trends and meet customer requirements better and faster than others by coming up with its own ideas and solutions to problems.

Start-ups, apps and portals

The property industry is no exception here and will change rapidly over the coming years. Start-ups that are similar to Airbnb as well as property management apps and letting portals are springing up like mushrooms every day. For many challenges there are no best practices or recipes for success as they have yet to be created.

With its DesignLab, Aareon offers the right instrument for companies that want to face up to the challenges and do not shy away from making innovative changes.

Aareon DesignLab

At our Aareon DesignLab, we give you the opportunity to outsource the entire innovation process to us or to have us support you along the way. Our approach to innovation is based on the design thinking method, with the innovations always focusing on the user.

Henry Ford once said: “If there is any one secret of success, it lies in the ability to get the other person’s point of view and see things from that person’s angle as well as from your own.” We share this opinion, which why future users play a key role in the process of our digital solution architecture from the very beginning.

Depending on the requirements, we offer various options with different workshop models that are tailored to each company’s individual needs.

Working in the Aareon DesignLab
Working in the Aareon DesignLab in Mainz, Germany

Design thinking

We act quickly and constructively to answer complex, open questions about our services and solutions as well as your internal challenges. The aim is to identify trends that affect the future of the property industry, discover new potential business models and use these trends and business models as a basis for creating user-centric innovations.

If you want to produce new ideas for products and services that excite your customers and are geared entirely to their needs, and do so in the shortest possible time with the help of team work, then design thinking is the right approach for you.

Aareon DesignLab in Mainz
This method combines elements like creativity, joy and inspiration with the serious and sober concerns of the business world.

Service design

Many customers ask us how they can turn a good idea into an outstanding customer experience. To make this wish a reality, we use service design methods, which enable us to develop products and services that are carefully thought through down to the last detail.

It is worth noting here that the line between products and services is almost non-existent nowadays. A good service requires more than just a website with a pretty design. We can help you find out whether there is any further potential that you can exploit. Together with you, we develop a smooth customer experience that is designed to be user-centric and future-oriented, that works intuitively and seamlessly and, last but not least, is pretty to look at.

Corporate culture: innovation is the future

For many companies, digitalisation causes uncertainty. The trends for the future and the new business models that come with them are spreading at lightening speed and require companies to act quickly. If you want to change your corporate culture sustainably and make it more innovative and digitalised, we would be pleased to advise you.

It is usually not enough if only a company’s management is ready for innovation. We therefore also help your employees change their daily work routine and take continuous, small steps towards a digital working environment. For example, we can redesign rooms, communication routines, processes or meeting procedures with you.

Workshop results

The results vary with the duration and format of the workshop. They can include new, future-proof concepts, strategy roadmaps, data-based business models, prototypes (digital and analogue) and product models with basic functions and features. In addition, we work out concrete steps explaining how to construct action plans for the individual product development phases and how to implement them on the basis of these plans.

In consultation with you, we design a meticulously planned workshop for all phases, comprising different solution approaches of user-centric design methods, such as stakeholder maps, persona development and business model innovation, as well as design thinking and service design tools.

Feel free to contact us at any time!

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