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Gesellschaftliches Engagement bei Aareon


We are a technology company that develops software solutions by people for people. Our employees, customers and partners are therefore our focus. In this "people business", an inspiring and innovative working environment is absolutely relevant for success.

A resilient organisation

Crucial to our corporate culture is credible, fair and respectful employee leadership, as well as a working environment characterised by trust. Both together are the basis for authenticity, diversity and passion, which provide our employees with the necessary space to grow – professionally but also personally. The result is a resilient organisation that is constantly evolving and fostering innovation – for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Years ago, we decided to adopt a life-phase-oriented human resources policy. Being able to reconcile work and private life and taking into account the performance of each individual employee in his or her respective phase of life is central for us. This goes hand in hand with flexible working time models, or even the possibility of working abroad for a certain period of time per calendar year in order to be able to look beyond one's own horizons. The result of our personnel policy: renewed certification as a "Great Place to Work®" company in Germany and France, based on an externally conducted employee survey with a minimum participation rate. Aareon has also been awarded the berufundfamilie certificate in Germany since 2008.

To further strengthen the resilience of our employees, we have launched so-called Mental Health programmes in the UK and the Netherlands with AareonGrow, which enable our managers to sustainably support the development of employees and their well-being at work. With offers spread throughout the year, we are making Mental Health 2023 a topic throughout the Group.

Diversity and equal opportunities

Diversity, equal opportunities, and inclusion are important cornerstones of Aareon and have created an environment of belonging.  A diverse and inclusive base ensures an innovative and resilient corporate culture - regardless of origin, age, gender, nationality, religion, or sexual orientation.

We put people at the center where authenticity is celebrated and where people can contribute their personality. In doing so, we create a culture that is characterized by mutual respect, openness and cooperation and not only recognizes and welcomes diversity, but actively promotes it.

To this end, we rely on diverse recruitment strategies to attract a broad spectrum of talent. We actively promote the development and advancement of women in leadership positions and provide education and awareness-raising activities to raise awareness of diversity and inclusion. We create fair opportunities for all employees and live values where discrimination and prejudice have no place.

Find here more information on diversity, equity and inclusion

Developing tomorrow's talent´s

To promote young talent and science, we also cooperate with several universities in Germany, offer internships and support students within the scope of the Deutschlandstipendium scholarship at Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz. With the Aareon Endowed Chair of Business Information Systems at the EBZ Business School (FH) in Bochum, we make an important contribution to the qualified promotion of young talents with a strong practical focus. The impulses on the science side flow into the further development of our software products.

Corporate social responsibility

We attach great importance to regular donations to initiatives and organisations that help keep our society together: in Germany, among others, to DESWOS Deutsche Entwicklungshilfe für soziales Wohnungs- und Siedlungswesen (German Development Aid for Social Housing and Settlement), in the Nordics to Stadsmissionen or in the UK to various food banks and charities. In the Netherlands, our subsidiary Aareon Nederland sponsors several sports clubs, including cvv Oranje Nassau Almelo.

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