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Sustainable behaviour can only take full effect if it is applied throughout the company and in all situations. In line with the sustainability approach of the Aareal Bank Group, Aareon’s managers and employees are therefore fully committed to the following:

1. Long-term business success

A responsible approach is essential if we are to continue to do business successfully in the future. Aareon therefore relies on:

Together with the Aareal Bank Group, Aareon pursues a sustainability-oriented strategy. Aareal Bank Group is rated in various sustainability rankings.

2. Customers and products

Aareon takes a long-term approach to customer relationships and aims to provide innovative and sustainable solutions, ensuring it is well prepared for the megatrends of the future:

3. Employees

Aareon’s success is largely down to its staff. Customers can rely on our extensive know-how and intensive support by specialists with many years of market experience. Aareon therefore attaches great importance to systematic employee development to enhance its employees’ professional and personal skills.

Our forward-looking corporate culture is the basic prerequisite for mutual, agile and creative cooperation in a digital working world in which the lines between professional and private lives are becoming increasingly blurred. Such a culture allows us to incorporate societal changes in our daily business and open up new opportunities. A few examples:

4. Environment

Aareon integrates environmentally sustainable decisions in its business activities and has received multiple awards from Ökoprofit-Klub as a result:

Aareon’s product range, too, serves to promote environmentally friendly and sustainable activity in society at large.

The use of ERP systems and integrated services boosts process efficiency, in part due to the digitalisation of data and the interfaces to the service systems. This promotes transparency in the company and lays the groundwork for sustainable decision-making.

It also helps to achieve a substantial reduction in the amount of paper consumed and archiving space needed, for example thanks to electronic processing of invoices.

5. Society

At present, we primarily support organisations and initiatives in Germany working in the following three areas:

  1. Competitions in the property sector
  2. Promoting young talent
  3. Social commitment

Sustainability within the Aareal Bank Group

Now more than ever, companies are expected to contribute to the sustainable development of the economy and society.

“Trust ranks amongst the most important foundations of our business activities. To this end, we emphasise absolute integrity, respect the ten principles of the UN Global Compact, and ensure that our activities are highly transparent, both internally and externally. This way, we are – and will remain – reliable and predictable to our stakeholders. Therefore, we have been a signatory of the ten principles of the UN Global Compact since 2012 out of conviction.”
Hermann J. Merkens, Chairman of the Management Board, Aareal Bank Group

[You can find further information as well as the latest Sustainability Reporting on the website of the Aareal Bank Group.]

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