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Aareon Smart World

Aareon Smart World

A look at how we will live in the digital future

Digital networking and value creation in the property sector

The property industry is facing major challenges - from CO2 reduction to demographic change and new living, working and lifestyle concepts up to requirements for cost efficiency. And all of this in the context of the rapid digital transformation in society and the economy, which constantly brings new technologies and trends - and thus also a constantly growing range of smart products and services. At the same time, the networking of buildings and even entire cities via the Internet of Things continues to advance.

Digitalisation is now an important key to the business success of real estate companies. Especially in the digital networking of all stakeholders of a company, there is great potential for value creation: from process optimisation to the offer of additional services to the establishment of new business areas. It is important to create an awareness among companies in advance that digital transformation is about more than "just" the use of technology to digitise existing processes. In order to maximise the benefits of digitisation, the technology should serve the user - and thus makes everyday work and life more comfortable. Only then is smooth collaboration, easy interaction of processes and quick access to information and services guaranteed.

To ensure that the provision of functionality, integration and connectivity not only takes into account the needs of one user group, but also takes a holistic view of the entire process, it is advisable for property companies to work with an experienced industry and IT specialist. Aareon, as a leading provider of SaaS solutions for the European property industry, connects all stakeholders of a property company with the open digital ecosystem Aareon Smart World. In Germany, software solutions and services from third-party providers can be quickly and easily connected to Aareon's ERP systems via the Aareon Connect partner program. The automated interlocking of the various software solutions ensures seamless end-to-end processes. In this way, Aareon simplifies life for all process participants and supports the economic success of the property sector.


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