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Mission, Vision, Values
Mission, Vision, Values ·


The trust of our employees, clients, business partners and investors is a prerequisite for our business success. We create trust by ensuring that Aareon Group's employees and management behave in a compliant manner, and that we attach importance to sustainable corporate governance.

For us, compliance means not only adhering to law and order, but also to the guidelines and value system of our own organisation. Accordingly, Aareon is expressly committed to the values and principles of Aareal Bank's Code of Conduct. Among other things, we commit ourselves to treating each other with respect, to avoiding conflicts of interest, and to fair competition. In order to familiarise our employees with the contents and objectives of the Code of Conduct, as well as with the topics of money laundering and corruption prevention, we regularly conduct mandatory training sessions. Our suppliers also undertake to comply with Aareal Bank's Code of Conduct for suppliers. Potential breaches of the principles and values of Aareal Bank and Aareon can be reported anonymously in various languages using a whistleblowing system.

Only those who are aware of the risks inherent in their business activities can act with foresight and thus in a sustainable manner. At Aareon Group, sustainable corporate governance therefore means continuously controlling and monitoring corporate risks by means of software and early warning functions. For us, this includes making risks transparent, as well as our decisions. This is why we have been publishing an annual report, including a comprehensive risk report, for more than 20 years.

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