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Aareon Smart World market sectors

One digital ecosystem – many industries

Aareon Smart World not only offers industry-specific solutions, but also establishes links between these industries, thus providing value-adding synergies for all parties involved.

Housing industry

More than 7,000 customers digitalise their property management with user-oriented software solutions that simplify and automate processes, support sustainable and energy-efficient operations and interconnect all process participants. Aareon has geared its solutions specifically to the housing industry. Customers in this industry include:

This is the starting point for Aareon’s extensive and pioneering portfolio.

All in all, approxmately 14 million residential units are already being managed with ERP systems and IT solutions from Aareon.

Aareon Smart World maps the entire value chain of the housing and property industry in a single ecosystem - with the advantage that companies can manage their complex relationship structures more easily and efficiently. For example, in maintenance, customer relationship management dovetails smoothly with the processes for integrating the supply chain. Housing companies benefit from greater process efficiency, transparency and reduced workload for employees, whose capacities can be used for more customer service. The smart connection of buildings and building technology to the digital ecosystem and intelligent data evaluations enable properties to be managed more effectively and energy-efficiently, among other things through predictive maintenance. In this way, Aareon makes life easier for everyone involved in the process, and supports the economic success of companies. 

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Commercial real estate

Knowledge transfer beyond the housing industry
Aareon is also an important partner for other industries and provides, for example, commercial real estate (CRE) companies with solutions that help to ensure even better medium- and long-term investment certainty.

In the same way as with housing companies, IT applications then link together large volumes of management and technical operation data. Their treasury management features make it possible to draw up resilient forecasts for the financial requirements and operating profits of, for example, office buildings, shopping centres and hotels – also with a long-term perspective. When developing these solutions, Aareon draws upon the experiences encountered by corporate units such as the one in the Netherlands and thus expands its international expertise.

The knowledge gained in the housing industry will also be reflected in other areas of the commercial sector in future, for instance in solutions to optimise property asset management. As a result, not only property management companies but also their investors can obtain information about the economic situation of “their” real estate. Targeted reports can be generated on all relevant economic data to keep track of their own financial situation. These data-based services provide a stable basis for far-reaching decisions in the field of property investments.

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Facility management

Forward-looking solutions for facility management
For clients engaged in facility management, too, modern solutions – like Facilitor – have the potential to reduce costs noticeably because they allow services to be managed and controlled in a clear manner. Moreover, predictive maintenance in conjunction with sensors and networked ERP systems will, in future, enable items of equipment and sections of buildings themselves to notify when components need to be replaced or when scheduled maintenance should be brought forward. On this basis, it will be possible to generate efficient deployment plans and work orders in future, so that tradespeople involved in the maintenance process can control the deployment of their personnel quickly and accurately.

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Energy industry

Process integration
By taking over phi-Consulting GmbH in 2015, Aareon also expanded its business activities in the energy industry. In the context of the energy transition, our customers profit from closer cooperation between the property and energy industries thanks to solutions that combine experiences gained in both these sectors. Medium-sized energy suppliers not only get consulting and development services in the SAP® environment in line with their requirements but can also call upon the expertise of the entire Aareal Bank Group, to which Aareon belongs, when it comes to electronic payments and the use of Aareon’s IT Service Centre for secure operation of their systems.

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Further reading on the energy industry

Digital linking of many industries

In addition, Aareon offers pioneering solutions for an array of other industries:

Craft sector
In the craft sector, firms using Aareon ERP systems benefit from the integrated order placement feature, which coordinates matters between landlord, tenant and service provider when it comes to maintenance work.

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Logistics service providers
If it becomes necessary to include logistics service providers in maintenance and construction measures, they too can profit from an optimised process chain thanks to the data-based control of the flow of goods that our ERP systems offer. They are thus in a better position to fulfil their industry’s proposition, namely delivering the right goods at the right time.

Fund management companies
In Aareon’s digital solutions, fund management companies get precious tools for managing real estate as an investment.

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Urban and municipal councils
Urban and municipal councils use Aareon Smart World modules to manage council-owned housing for their citizens on a lasting basis.

As can be seen, housing industry processes regularly touch various sectors. The Aareon Smart World modules provide industry-specific solutions on the one hand and establish links on the other hand. Ultimately, the exchange of experiences and data leads to value-adding synergies from which all parties involved in the processes can benefit.

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